14 seats minibus

Side view

14 seats minibus

Interior view

Choosing to rent one of our minibuses is a cost effective way to explore Mauritius. Our Toyota Hiace are solid, reliable small bus suitable for group transportation up to 14 persons for any kind of tours and transfers. All buses are dully licensed by the local authorities as tourist transport, thus filling all requirements for same. All buses are new and equipped with air conditioner.


Passengers will enjoy large comfortable seats, big windows and high ceiling. The seats are extremely comfortable making long trips relaxing.


Minibus are delivered with friendly drivers and fuel. Drivers are experienced ones, local-born, who knows the island very well, thus can can helpful as guide.


To rent a minibus, request must firstly be made through this website and will be finalize only against payment of a deposit at least 3 weeks prior to rental start date..

Specification Hiace high roof 14 seats

Seating capacity 14 + driver

Displacement: 2494cc - 16V


Fill our simple to use booking form to start your booking process. No registration required. Payment of deposit will be required for booking confirmation.

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we transfer to...


We offer reliable transfer from airport in Mauritius to hotels all over the island and vice versa


Do not drink and drive! Mauritian law is very severe about this issue. Have your party without any restriction and let our drivers drive you back home safely!


Our vehicles are suitable for any kind of tour around the island. Our drivers speaks both french, english and hindi among others. They can be helpful to help plan itinerary!


Our buses are suitable to carry wedding guests. Rent a bus and save on the cost of several taxi's rental. Above all, wedding guests will be enjoy wedding party without worrying and drink and drive. Safety first!


Our buses are solution to corporate transfer either day or night. Just give us a shout!


Have some cruises planned around the island? Our buses will get you there on time!


Name it and we organize it for you!

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